Glasswaves, a genre-defying band that combines Metalcore with Electronic Music, has been taking the heavy music scene by storm since their formation in 2023. The band’s unique sound is a thrilling blend of bone-crushing breakdowns, soaring melodic passages, and intricate electronic elements. In their pursuit of creating music that pushes the boundaries of traditional metalcore and rock, Glasswaves has captivated audiences with their explosive performances and distinct sonic palette.


One of the standout tracks from their album, “Dead Dreams”, is a song that speaks to the never-ending pursuit of one’s ultimate and ideal life. The lyrics touch upon the struggles of working towards one’s goals, navigating the setbacks that come along the way, and the difficulties of succeeding in an industry that often fails to appreciate its artists. What’s remarkable about the track is that it draws inspiration from Strangers Things Season 4. The incorporation of visuals from the popular TV show into the song adds an additional layer of depth and meaning.


From a technical standpoint, the band’s attention to detail is second to none. For example, the snare drum is mixed with a recording of Alec’s living room lamp being “tinged” into a microphone. The fact that the band has taken such care even with the smallest details is a testament to their dedication to their craft.

“Dead Dreams” also features an easter egg joke about the band’s anxiety dealing with the nature of the lyrics, which is reflected in the track’s 808 bass drops. The track is a prime example of the band’s ability to infuse their music with their own experiences and emotions. The attention to detail and the thoughtfulness in their song writing are what makes “Dead Dreams” a standout track in Glasswaves’ already impressive discography.


Glasswaves is a band that is pushing the boundaries of heavy music. Their unique fusion of metalcore and electronic music has created a distinct sound that is entirely their own. The band’s attention to detail and the thoughtfulness in their song writing is evident in their album, Dead Dreams”. With their ability to captivate audiences and create truly remarkable music, Glasswaves is a band that is sure to leave a lasting impression!


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