“God Of Greed” by Jonathan Young tells the story of how, in society, people are forced to submit to those in power and worship “the god of greed” in order to survive. The song explores the idea of a hierarchy that is outside of individuals’ control where everyone must work to provide for their own needs. Every society seems to have a set of rules that govern how it functions – laws and regulations that are necessary to ensure a harmonious existence. However, no matter how good-natured a society may be on the surface, the ones in control are often the ones who are most greedy and self-serving. In “God Of Greed,” Young points out that the masses recognize this and submit to those in positions of power because doing so is the only way to survive.


The song urges listeners to be aware of the reality behind what they see and to question their compliance with those who hold power. It suggests that blindly following the rules of those at the top of the hierarchy will only lead to continued exploitation and subjugation. Instead, people should work towards creating a society that is just and equitable for everyone, ensuring that nobody is forgotten or left behind.

In conclusion, “God Of Greed” is a powerful reminder that the worship of wealth and power is a dangerous thing, and that we should strive to create a better world where everyone is treated with equality and respect. It is a call to action, urging listeners to challenge the status quo and work towards a brighter future for all.


“God of Greed” is a captivating song created by Jonathan Young with the help of talented individuals like Lauren Babic on guest vocals and RichaadEB on the guitar solo. The production was supervised by Howard Benson, Neil Sanderson, and Jonathan Young under the banner of Judge & Jury Records. Additionally, the accompanying music video directed by Lance Gergar takes viewers on an exciting journey that perfectly complements the song’s vibe.


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