Worlds Apart x vtizzel x Cryptochronica have unleashed their latest single, “Guns Blazin'”! The song’s essence revolves around standing strong in the face of adversity and steadfastly refusing to let anything bring us down. It inspires us to defy any obstacles, whether real or perceived, that may try to hinder our progress, empowering us to rise above all challenges with unwavering determination.


Worlds Apart is a dynamic artist collective that unites the minds and talents of three extraordinary individuals to create a singular, powerful creative vision. This collaboration is fueled by the synergy of electronic music production, captivating lyrical poetry, enthralling videography, emotional vocal performances, and mesmerizing visual arts, and exists with the goal of spreading messages of love, hope, and excitement to as many people as possible worldwide.


Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of musical influences, Worlds Apart’s soundscape is defined by artists such as Seven Lions, Illenium, Trivecta, Crystal Skies, Wooli, Nurko, and a plethora of other exceptionally gifted Melodic Bass creators. Their distinctive style encapsulates the members’ own life experiences and knowledge to produce a sound that captivates audiences and transports them into an immersive world – hence the name “Worlds Apart.”

The group’s foundation lies with Lorenzo and Jason as the masterminds behind producing and composing each masterpiece. Lorenzo spearheads their DJ efforts while Jason expertly brings his skills in musical production, lyric writing, and vocal production to the table. Meanwhile, Ashley adds her passion for visual arts as she weaves her creative visions into stunning electronic art displays alongside video and photographic masterpieces.


Notably rising up the ranks in the realm of electronic music, Worlds Apart has made their mark on numerous prominent music labels including Blanco y Negro, The Soul, LFTD, and High FiveRecords, Melodic Bassment, Glitchworld Recordings, and Noiseporn!


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“Guns Blazin'” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Wanderlust”  playlists on Spotify!