“[HYPER]VIGILANT” by Heirloom, a Hard Rock band based in Raleigh, NC, delves into the internal struggles and complexities of the narrator’s emotional state. The song explores the protagonist’s quest for happiness and tranquility while grappling with the barriers that prevent them from feeling at ease. The lyrics ponder the reasons behind their constant hypervigilance and their struggle to let their guard down. Furthermore, the song touches upon the themes of pride and vulnerability, suggesting that their deep sense of pride hinders their ability to show vulnerability and trust others.


Throughout the song, the recurring line “What’s keeping me from being okay?” signifies the narrator’s relentless search for answers to their tormented state. Although fleeting, each moment carries a profound impact on the protagonist, leaving them unable to fully relax and find solace. It is apparent that the narrator’s inclination to push people away has resulted in a profound sense of loneliness, leaving them questioning who they can truly rely on.


Elevating the emotional intensity of the track, Heirloom portrays their musical prowess through a meticulous blend of hard-hitting instrumentals and compelling vocals. The four-piece ensemble has shared the stage with renowned acts such as A Day to Remember, Breaking Benjamin, Like Moths to Flames, and Bad Omens, solidifying their stature within the genre.

The production of “[HYPER]VIGILANT” is noteworthy as it was helmed by acclaimed producers Howard Benson and Neil Sanderson, aka Judge & Jury. The mixing, helmed by Joe Rickard, seamlessly captures the raw essence of the band’s sound, while the engineering by Mike Plotnikoff and Brandt Sier ensures an unparalleled sonic experience. Recorded at West Valley Recording Studios, the track showcases the band’s commitment to creating a flawless sonic landscape.


Penned by songwriters Nolan Kenneth Smith, Kevin DeJong, Austin Smith, Nikki Leferson, Andrew Simmons, and Travis Dark, the lyrics of “[HYPER]VIGILANT” come alive through their thought-provoking and introspective nature. Additionally, the music video, directed by Garrett Barefoot, visually complements the song’s depth and intensity, enhancing the overall impact of the track.


Overall, Heirloom’s “[HYPER]VIGILANT” encapsulates the struggle of the narrator to find peace and happiness, delving into themes of pride, vulnerability, and trust. The band’s compelling performance, along with the skilled production and poignant lyrics, make this track a remarkable addition to the Hard Rock genre.


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Judge & Jury:

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