Friday June 10, 2022

“Pose” – Just Loud

Atlanta, GA


Obsessed with this video. I love how the imagery for “Pose” by Atlanta-based alt-hip hop artist Just Loud looks like a VOGUE fashion film! A style chameleon and true visionary, I feel like it is reflected in Just Loud’s music, as “Pose” merges elements of classical music and hip hop. With the high-fashion vibes mixed with the undeniable ice-cold flow, Just Loud will influence a lot of artists to carry out their own versions of “couture-hip hop”!  I Googled his previous work, and Just Loud doesn’t just stick to hip-hop, he’s dabbled with various genres such as funk, with his single “Soul Train” feat. Debbie Harry of Blondie! 


“Long story short – I was set to be married on 06/05/2022 (the day after my birthday) crazy right. My ex-fiance called off the wedding 2 months ago and decided to no longer be a part of the LGBTQ+ community….so I decided to get back to what I love and used the wedding money I saved to start putting out music again. Honestly, I just want to create a better memory of June 2022. I hope you like, Pose.” – Just Loud


Legend in the making!


“Pose” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” playlist on Spotify!

“Covered Me” – Elison

Des Moines, IA


With the rise of social media usage and “look-at-me-syndrome” running rampant in society, being in relationships with narcisists has been a common story. While not recognizing the person you’ve initially fallen in love with due to the initial version of themselves being veiled by the need to be admired by the masses, you start questioning yourself and your choices.


“Covered Me” by Des Moines, Iowa indie rock/shoegaze/dream pop duo, Elison accurately illustrates how this kind of relationship feels like!


Elison is Marissa Kephart, lead singer and guitarist, and Scott Yoshimura (The Envy Corps, Canby), producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist. 


“The mysterious, fuzzy, guitar-driven track with meandering bass, forceful drums, and tension-building layers captures the unease of being in this kind of relationship.” – Elison


“Covered Me” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” playlist on Spotify!

“Circadian” – pantology

Brooklyn, NY


An instrumental song, combining jazz, nu jazz and funk, Brooklyn-based artist and producer, pantology, “Circadian” is the ultimate chill tune! 


“With his new single “Circadian”, artist and producer pantology immediately pulls the listener into a bombastic fusion of elements, incorporating vintage analog synths, Rhodes and vocal textures alongside a grooving bass and driving drums. Mirroring the artwork, this track evokes the unbound, liminal nocturnal mind as it processes the anxieties of the day. A further foray into more virtuosic and active listening tracks from a previous base in more lofi beats, this track partners with Radio Juicy to take a confident step forward in pantology’s growing discography.”-Josh Burchett (digital), Radio Juicy


“Circadian” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” playlist on Spotify!

“Thank You For The Summer” – The Moniker



You know those tunes you hit “play” on that paint such a happy, nostalgic picture of happy warm weather memories, that you can’t help but smile? “Thank You For The Summer” by Swedish singer-songwriter, The Moniker (Daniel Karlsson) had that exact effect on me!


This song is just so pure, illustrating memories of care-free summer days including playing in the water, falling in love, appreciation of the sun, sand, freedom (of responsibilities) and beaches.


It reminds me of the summers I used to spend as a kid, hanging out with my neighbours, running through sprinklers, drawing comics on the front porch, and doing cartwheels on the lawn. “Thank You For The Summer” eptiomizes the reminder of appreciating the good times!


“Thank You For The Summer” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” playlist on Spotify!

“Wake Up” – Mike Like Mike

United States


Falling somewhere between the genres of indie pop/indie rock, “Wake Up” by writer/ producer/ singer Mike Like Mike is one of those songs you can easily listen to on a Sunday as you wake up and coast through the day, or wind down after a long work day! 


“Wake Up” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” playlist on Spotify!