House//Divided’s latest release, “Headless Howl,” is a captivating song inspired by Odysseus’ mythical encounter with the sirens. The siren’s song, known for its beguiling beauty and ability to convince one to succumb to an early fate in pursuit of an idyllic afterlife, is given a new life in House//Divided’s powerful metalcore sound. The lyrics vividly describe Odysseus’s state of mind as he confronts the alluring yet destructive nature of the siren’s call.


Formed in Norfolk, Virginia, House//Divided’s debut EP, “Ash & Echoes,” reveals a cathartic journey that delves into themes of mental health and societal issues. The EP flows seamlessly with each melodic vignette paired with jaw-dropping guitar and drumwork. Their second effort, starting with two killer collaborations featuring Dropout Kings and RVNT, showcases the band’s experimental approach to push metalcore forward. With new and energizing elements fused into their signature sound, House//Divided is set to release an utterly unique set of upcoming tracks in 2023.

Overall, House//Divided’s “Headless Howl” is a gripping track that will leave the listener mesmerized. The band’s ability to pair the Siren’s myth with their sound is done with masterful precision that pushes the boundaries of metalcore. There’s no doubt that in 2023, House//Divided will continue to captivate viewers with their innovative approach. For metalcore fans who crave something fresh yet traditional, House//Divided is a band worth keeping an eye on.


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