Better Together Records has recently released a new and exciting track called “I Think It’s Time”. The single, crafted by two celebrated DJs, EMMber and LAVENGE, features the extraordinary vocal talents of rising pop artist Nordi Blu. This dynamic collaboration is a fusion of progressive house and techno elements underpinned by a strong techno kick, coupled with Nordi Blu’s bold yet gritty vocals that add an emotional depth to the track.


The song captures a universal sentiment we all experience at some point in our lives- letting go. It encourages listeners to let go of the past, unfulfilling relationships, and everything that holds us back. “I Think It’s Time” is more than just a song; it’s an empowering anthem for listeners worldwide that exemplifies the very ethos that brought the label into existence. It’s an anthem that inspires us to move forward, let go of the things that hinder our growth and progress towards our goals.

Better Together Records’ collaboration with eMMber, LAVENGE, and Nordi Blu is a testament to the beauty of collaborative creation and the power of music to help us let go and move forward. According to sources, the connection between the artists sparked during the Covid-19 pandemic, before the creation of the label. The single holds a special significance for Better Together Records and the trio of talented artists as it symbolizes a full-circle moment, marking the culmination of their efforts in the studio to produce this empowering anthem.


This song is not only a mere composition; it’s a masterpiece that transcends time and borders. The fusion of the two genres, combined with Nordi Blu’s vocals, captures the listener’s attention from the beginning to the end. The song’s melody and underlying techno beat create a captivating and engaging listening experience.


In conclusion, “I Think It’s Time” by eMMber, LAVENGE and Nordi Blu is an inspiring track that highlights the power of music to help us let go of the past and take a leap towards our future. The track is a masterpiece of collaboration between talented artists who have come together to create a dynamic and unforgettable experience for their fans. The single’s release is a full-circle moment for Better Together Records, marking a new chapter in the label’s journey towards greater heights. “I Think It’s Time” is a must-listen for any music lover who appreciates the beauty of collaboration and emotive music.


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