YUNA, Patrick Metzker, and Martin Van Lectro Come Together for the Sweetest Post-Breakup Anthem "I'll Be Home"

The collaborative single “I’ll Be Home” from YUNA x Patrick Metzker x Martin Van Lectro is a heartfelt and well-produced track that portrays a powerful breakup scenario where the narrator shows empathy towards the one who was left behind. The singer expresses how great their life will be and how capable they are of achieving great things even without the narrator. The track is stunning, and the catchy electronic dance beats blend flawlessly with the vocals of Bella X.


Martin Van Lectro has proved himself as one of the best electronic dance music artists in Austria with his unique style, which effortlessly transcends genres from Deep House to Future House. This exceptional talent in music started at an early age when he began playing the piano and drums. His passion for music, coupled with his innovative productions, has helped him release hit singles including “Let It Go” feat Menno, “I’ll Be There for You,” “Kangaroo,” “Last Man Standing” feat. Chris Willis, and “Run.” “Night & Day,” which was released in summer 2020, is an anthem to life and love and indeed another successful release for the artist.

The song “I’ll Be Home” is a massive dance smash and a clear testament to YUNA x Patrick Metzker x Martin Van Lectro’ prowess as DJs, producers, remixers, and songwriters. The track is not only good for the dancefloor but also for anyone eager for a powerful and well-produced track that’s easy on the ears. The catchy beats and vocals are guaranteed to captivate the listener from the first second and keep them hooked until the last. “I’ll Be Home” is a perfect blend of banging electronic dance beats and Bella X vocals, a must-listen for anyone seeking solid electronic music!


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“I’ll Be Home” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!