“Into The Dark” by CANTERVICE immerses listeners in a mesmerizing and haunting world where madness and isolation reign supreme. This metalcore masterpiece delves deep into the dystopian realm of CANTERVICE, painting a vivid picture of a crumbling society controlled by an authoritative government. Amidst the chaos, one individual boldly rebels against the indoctrination, refusing to succumb to the new reality.


While their peers surrender to the deception and decay, this resilient character remains acutely aware of the darkness that surrounds them. Like a flickering candle in the depths of despair, they hold onto fragments of the past, igniting a relentless belief in the possibility of a brighter future. However, as their peers fall victim to reconditioning, this connection to the desired world begins to falter, teetering on the edge of mental unraveling.


Led by the brilliance of Robert Matlock, CANTERVICE showcases their extraordinary musical talent. Joining forces with David Southern on guitar, Randy Methe on drums, and Eric Knighton on bass, the sheer power of their sound is masterfully captured by the renowned RIAA Gold engineer and producer, Cameron Mizell. Mizell’s skillful mixing and mastering elevate the dark and enthralling nature of “Into The Dark” to astonishing heights.

Within this collaborative effort, Matlock’s visionary brilliance shines through as the writer and producer of the track. Methe adds his lyrical prowess to the mix, while Mizell’s expertise in mixing, mastering, and production flawlessly brings the band’s sonic vision to life. The result is an exceptional musical creation that seamlessly blends metal and hardcore elements, taking listeners on an exhilarating journey through the dystopian universe of CANTERVICE.


“Into The Dark” stands as a testament to resistance and the enduring human spirit amidst a crumbling society. With thought-provoking lyrics, powerful vocals, and impeccable musicianship, CANTERVICE has crafted a standout piece within the metalcore genre. This captivating song leaves listeners yearning for more, ensnared by the enthralling tapestry of a dystopian reality.


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