Looking for a new rock tune that sonically takes you back to the ’90s? Check out Intruder 424’s single, “Devil In Your Crown”. With lyrics that deal with the challenge of a controlling narcissist wreaking havoc on everything and everyone around them, this groovy and upbeat track is sure to engage and energize you.


Brothers Pete and Chris Biggiani, the blood brother duo of Intruder 424, have been rocking it from the very beginning – since they were babies! Jamming on the boardwalks and bars of their hometown Toms River, NJ, they perfected their synchronised sound that eventually turned heads and landed them a spot on the music TV show, No Cover, where they got to rub elbows with rock greats such as Alice Cooper.

The siblings are now refocused on their dark rock duo, producing mind-blowing singles that will make you question how only two guys can make that much noise! Their latest single, “Devil in Your Crown,” is the stuff of legends. A full distortion riff and thundering drums lay the groundwork for a diabolical power anthem about narcissism in relationships. Chris belts out soaring vocals to lyrics that describe a tyrant controlling everything around him. Over Pete’s crashing drums, Chris unleashes a fiery solo before the song crashes out with swagger and disgust.


Intruder 424 has exploded onto the scene with such ferocity, it’s no surprise that they’ve racked up over 10 million views on TikTok! And if you’re looking for a glimpse into the dark rock universe of Intruder 424, check out their music video for “Devil in Your Crown” – a renegade romp that’ll have you scrunching up your face and headbanging! Don’t worry, dear listener; Intruder 424 is sure to rock your face off live on stage, so leave those earplugs at home!


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“Devil In Your Crown” has been added to my “HEAVY” and “Wanderlust”  playlists on Spotify!