“Soul Remover” the latest release from So Cal-based metallic hardcore band, Iron Rule is a three minute and forty-second onslaught of sheer brutality. Featuring the ferocious vocals of Daniel Lopez (Face Your Maker) and guest vocalist Jay Muller of Reminitions, this track is a relentless display of aggression and power.


The guitar work of Mike Monterone and bassist Nick Paredes is nothing short of bone-crushing, with heavy slam riffs and brutal breakdowns that hit like a sledgehammer to the face. Their ability to create such intense and menacing sounds is truly impressive. Meanwhile, drummer Curtis Slater lays down groovy rhythms that add an extra layer of depth to the music, further solidifying the band’s reputation as masters of their craft.


With “Soul Remover”, this talented group of musicians has crafted a track that is not only heavy but also filled with a captivating energy that will keep listeners hooked from start to finish. The chemistry between the band members is evident, as they seamlessly blend together to create a wall of sound that is as devastating as it is enthralling.

What sets “Soul Remover” apart from other hardcore releases is its ability to maintain a sense of melody amidst the chaos. The vocals, although guttural and aggressive, have a distinct clarity to them, allowing the lyrics to be heard and understood. This adds an emotional weight to the music, making it more than just a mindless onslaught of noise.

Overall, “Soul Remover” is a powerful and commanding release from a band that knows how to deliver a brutal, yet engaging musical experience. With their combination of punishing riffs, relentless rhythms, and intense vocals, this track is sure to leave a lasting impression on any listener. Don’t sleep on this one – So Cal’s metallic hardcore scene has a new force to be reckoned with.


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“Soul Remover” has been added to my “Heavy” and “Wanderlust  playlists on Spotify!