Have you ever had a crush on a friend, or someone you’re not romantically linked to at all, while feeling the rush of emotions as you get closer to the person emotionally and physically? Like time is simultaneously speeding up and slowing down when you’re around them?


18 year old American electro-pop artist, Isabel LaRosa has penned the dreamiest, catchiest song that embodies this feeling in her single “i’m yours”! It’s one of those songs memorable songs that you’ll be playing 20 years from now!


LaRosa has already been featured on flagship Spotify playlists like Pop Sauce, Pop Rising and Fresh Dance Pop. Her unique blend of electric, bedroom, and indie pop has garnered tens of millions of streams and a fiercely loyal fan base.

“‘i’m yours’ is inspired by the feeling of having a crush on someone who you’re not dating, but want to be more than friends with. The song encapsulates the rush of emotions as you get closer to this person physically and emotionally.  When my brother, Thomas, and I were writing ‘i’m yours,’ we wanted to give people the feeling of driving fast, with all the windows down, when you’ve finally lost your inhibitions and let that person in.” – Isabel LaRosa on “i’m yours”


LaRosa was born in Annapolis, MD, and comes from a musical family. Her father, a jazz musician, regularly took her to the jazz clubs where he played the saxophone, her brother played guitar and she sang alongside them. Inspired largely by her family, LaRosa began songwriting with her brother while in elementary school, and they soon formed a creative duo.


To this day, LaRosa still writes and produces music with her brother as she works to finish high school online. 

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“i’m yours” has been added to my “Chill Tunes” and “Wanderlust” playlists on Spotify!