Tuesday June 14, 2022

“Somewhere In Your Dreams” – Mothé

Los Angeles, CA


This catchy, lively song sounds like it is about a relationship that is only hanging onto physical intimacy aspects, avoiding the love and connection, and being stuck in limbo as to what is going on- like being in a “shituationship”, as I like to call it. 


The music video for “Somewhere In Your Dreams” by L.A.-based artist, Mothé has become one of my absolute faves! It’s colorful, free, and vivid – in total contrast to the feeling of being in the emotional prison of desiring love in a shituationship, as lyrically illustrated. 



Video: Victor Grossling and Sofi Padilla

Styled by: Priscilla Langdon

Written by Spencer Fort and Josh Strock

Produced by Robert Adam Stevenson and Spencer Fort

Drums by Luke Gonzales Recorded at Revolver Recordings


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“17 Mile Drive” – Marshall Artz Experiment

United States


An instrumental masterpiece that is part earthy, part urban, “17 Mile Drive” by American artist, Marshall Artz Experiment is moving and poetic without even uttering a word. The perfect song to play on loop and go for a long drive to during golden hour!


“This a track from my new album “Let’s Ride” instrumentals. This track I made because of the influence and vibe of a ride I took down 17 Mile Drive in Monterey, California (Pebble Beach)” – Marshall Artz Experiment


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“Body” – Kristina Murrell 



This song off the recently released album, Beautiful Disaster sets the scene for a sexy vacation somewhere tropical (as visualised in the stunning lyric video) from Barbados-based alternative R&B artist, Kristina Murrell! 


A sexy, Afrobeats-meets-R&B track, “Body” oozes divine feminine energy!



Produced by: Sonny King

Label: Music For Love


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“Oxygen Type” – The Lunar Keys

London, UK


We all have had those nights where we had every intention of having a quiet night in, then a friend drags you out of bed to have the best time of your life! “Oxygen Type” by UK-based band, The Lunar Keys has released a song to get ready for such occasions!


“(Oxygen Type is about) the feeling you get to impulsively launch into the night, on a high, bursting with total excitement at living every breath of a prospective night out to the maximum.” – The Lunar Keys


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“Tongue Tied” – A Days Wait



Open communication is paramount to creating and strengthening bonds. You know those times when you were romantically interested in someone, but didn’t know what to say or how to express it, so you don’t say or show any feelings? “Tongue Tied” by Canadian indie pop band, A Days Wait has released the theme song for scenarios like this with their latest single, “Tongue Tied” (produced by Jackson Philips, aka Day Wave)!


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