I am absolutely infatuated with songs that seamlessly blend together romantic, playful, dark, and chill yet danceable elements. And when it’s a duet with both voices radiating a dulcet tone, it’s pure magic. It’s not at all surprising that the creative genius behind this melodious masterpiece is the same artist responsible for the sensual cover of Beyonce’s classic “Crazy In Love”, which we all know and love from the film “50 Shades Darker” soundtrack!


Kadebostany is back and better than ever with the electrifying track, “Like a Dream”. This lead single serves as a sneak peek into his highly anticipated album titled “Play this at my Funerals”, set to be released in June. The futuristic pop producer and hitmaker, Guillaume de Kadebostany, has given his signature sound a refreshing twist with “Like a Dream”.


A fusion of catchy beats, captivating melodies, and lively instrumentation, this track will transport you to a world filled with sparkling guitars, dreamy whistling, and the hypnotic vocals of Turkish singer Baris Demirel and French singer Angie Robba. It’s not just catchy melodies and upbeat rhythms that make this track infectious; it’s the inspiring and memorable lyrics that tell a story of hope and perseverance.

Kadebostany’s passion for creating music that pushes boundaries and uplifts listeners can be heard in every note of “Like a Dream”. The release of this single is just the beginning as it sets the stage for Kadebostany’s fourth album drop on the 2nd of June, 2023.


The world of Kadebostany is unlike any other, where pop music meets art, and the result is pure magic. This unique brand of pop music has captured the attention of audiences worldwide with their colossal live performances, and chart-topping hits like “Castle in the Snow”, “Mind If I Stay”, and their cover of Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love” (featured in 50 Shades of Grey).
Get ready to be transported to the captivating world of Kadebostany, where sophisticated music meets mass appeal.


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“Like A Dream” has been added to my “Summer Vibes“, and “Wanderlust”  playlists on Spotify!