Friday May 27, 2022

Sometimes you hit “play” on a feel-good tune and it strikes a chord in your heart in the best way. “Us Again” by McKinney, Texas-based indie-pop artist, KellyMarie is that song! The single is so pure, and brings out that ‘hopeless romantic’ out of even the most jaded hearts (mine, included)!


The sweet, upbeat, wholesome love song was written by KellyMarie during the lockdown, inspired by what she loves: the hit series, “The Office”! Though it was inspired by the fictional characters, Karen and Jim, I can tell you from experience these kinds of cute, after-work-in-the-city dates actually happen(ed) in real life!


Upon hitting “play”, this song immediately brought me back to my early to mid-twenties when I went on fun friend dates in the city (of Toronto, though) with this one guy who was a complete gentleman: he was very protective over me, made the effort to look, dress and smell nice, we shared many years of immense laughter, he held the door for me, and held my hand as we bar-hopped. This one time, we were walking out of his place -dressed to the nines– and got caught in a downpour, so he immediately took off his blazer and covered me in the attempt to save my freshly-styled hair -no one got mad- we just laughed then changed. 


He was one of my best friends, and always called me out when he noticed I was dating a total loser and explained why I could do so much better. While out in public, people always commented how cute a couple we were, and I always akwardly corrected them. He never did- I did. He was even like all that when we walked his Labrador while wearing sweatpants. This old friend literally treated me better than most guys I’ve dated. Why didn’t we end up together, you ask? Sometimes, something -such as a friendship- is too precious to risk ruining for a relationship. I believe we were just meant to enjoy eachother’s company until fate moved us on separate life paths (eventually in different continents)… and that’s okay! Those years were cherished, and I hope he’s doing well, wherever he is. 

Anyway, I’m confident that “Us Again” by KellyMarie will bring out similar nostalgic, ‘hopeless romantic’ emotions in many others out there who have a listen. I mean, she even opened for one of the most romantic bands out there, Cigarettes After Sex!


In an era of people dating out of convenience or personal gain rather than for love, this is the song single folks in the world need to believe in true love again! So if you haven’t already, hit “play”! You’re welcome.


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“Us Again” has been added to both my “Summer Vibes” and “Primp For A Night Out” Spotify playlists!