Tuesday August 16, 2022


With all the negativity in the world these days, it’s refreshing that more and more artists are putting encouraging, uplifting, inspiring messages into their music that they work so hard to release and promote. 


American alternative hip-hop artist, Kezz is included in that bunch, with his recent single, “S2P” (Something 2 Prove)! Had he listened to an ex girlfriend who tried to discourage him from pursuing music, our ears wouldn’t have been graced with his current single! That in itself is encouraging, as many of us deprive ourselves of what we like, even our true passions, in the name of “love”. Meanwhile, the right partner would support and encourage your dreams, not hinder them.


Kezz seamlessly blends melodic hip-hop, pop & rap together for the sound we hear today. From motivational, self-confidence rap bangers to melodic storytelling, Kezz’s fresh approach to music bridges musical gaps!


Kezz has moved around a lot, but he refers to the following cities as “home”: Kansas City, MO, Salt Lake City, UT and Bentonville, AR.

Kezz’s catalogue consists of over 25+ songs, most of which were produced with childhood best friend @ProdT0ny.  A true-to-form DIY artist, Kezz writes, records and mixes everything from his bedroom. Over the years he’s amassed over 5 million+ total streams collectively across all streaming platforms. 


Kezz (real name: Dylan Rooks) has done a fair share of ghostwriting over the years, but finally gained recognition working with pop artist Ashten Ray. This lead to songwriting credits and friendship with legendary artists such as Tech N9ne & T-Pain (Songs called “Special” and “Convenient”).

“Funny enough, at the beginning of 2022 I fell into a relationship with a girl who almost convinced me to quit doing music as an artist and I was considering only pursuing songwriting while working my other day job to settle down and build a family.  After this relationship started to go south and grew toxic, I came to the realization that I was majorly regretting the idea of not being an artist and releasing music anymore.” – Kezz on “S2P”


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“S2P” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Chill Tunes” playlists on Spotify!