Los Angeles-based bass Producer, Kompany, delivers a powerful punch with his track “Strapped”. This instrumental Drum & Bass piece is packed with energy, with beat drops at 1:35 and 3:15 that hit you like a serious blow. The dynamic nature of the track keeps you engaged from start to finish.


In a music scene where fans are divided between those who crave the heaviest drops and those who seek out technical sounds, Kompany stands out as a DJ/producer who bridges the gap between both sides. With a background in sound design for Cymatics, he brings his meticulous craftsmanship to every bass he creates, resulting in festival music that has become synonymous with his distinct dubstep style. Notably, Kompany has collaborated with renowned bass music artists such as Excision, SLANDER, Subtronics, and Sullivan King, earning him praise from heavy artist ILLENIUM himself.


One of Kompany’s most notable achievements is his collaboration with fellow briddim godfather Wooli on the anthemic track “Thicc Boi” in 2018. This track cemented his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the bass music scene. In 2021, he embarked on his Untouchable Tour, performing at over 30 clubs and festivals across the United States and Canada, including a coveted main stage slot at Lost Lands. The following year, in 2022, Kompany took his talents worldwide, participating in various festivals and joining several high-profile tour packages. This paved the way for him to headline bigger rooms in 2023.

Overall, Kompany’s music is a testament to his skill as a bass producer, captivating listeners with his signature style. With his impressive collaborations and electrifying live performances, he continues to solidify his position as a heavyweight in the bass music scene.


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“Strapped” has been added to my “Summer Vibes and- Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!