“Fish The River Dry” by Kowloon, the talented American Indie pop artist, takes listeners on a thought-provoking journey of contemplation and introspection. With profound lyricism, the song touches upon life’s meaning, purpose, and the essence of our individual identities. Kowloon effortlessly explores the various approaches we can adopt when faced with the challenges of existence.


This captivating track challenges society’s obsession with fame and the constant search for external validation. Kowloon skillfully conveys that there are more significant pursuits to be discovered beyond the superficial realm. Symbolically, the lyrics depict the act of fishing the river dry, suggesting the exploration of all possibilities and options until we find our true calling.


Premiered on KCRW, “Fish The River Dry” pays homage to the influential band Talking Heads, incorporating their signature style into the artist’s own creative process. The song combines a captivating loping bass, commanding martial drums, evocative electric guitar, and Eno-inspired production, resulting in a harmonious blend of sounds. The verses beautifully cascade into a chorus filled with jubilant multitracked voices, adding an extra layer of depth to the composition.


It is noteworthy that Kowloon is the mastermind behind every aspect of this mesmerizing piece. From writing and recording to producing and performing, this artist demonstrates their exceptional talent and passion. Hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, Kowloon is not only a musician but also a talented filmmaker, showcasing their versatility and dedication to the art form.

“Fish The River Dry” by Kowloon is an enchanting composition that transcends the boundaries of conventional music. With its profound lyricism, remarkable instrumentation, and the artist’s unique perspective, this song serves as a poignant reminder that there is much more to be explored within ourselves and the world around us.


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