Looking to experience the ultimate tropical getaway in the midst of a breakup or rejection? Look no further than Louie Rubio’s latest track “Echo.” This American artist has truly captured the essence of heartache and nostalgia, transporting listeners to a serene beach where they can reflect on past conversations and moments with their lost love. As you bask in the ocean breeze and witness a breathtaking sunset, “Echo” will be the soundtrack to your solitary journey.


Following the success of his previous single, which caught the attention of Rolling Stone Español, Louie returns with a sensational tropical-infused ballad titled “Echo.” In this mesmerizing track, he skillfully blends elements of Chill Pop, Alt R&B, and Indie Songwriter poeticism. Louie’s intimate vocals glide effortlessly over the melodic tunes of a PRS Silver Sky (the same guitar favored by John Mayer) and the enchanting sounds of a vintage Roland Jupiter 6. His poignant lyrics resonate deeply, with lines like “every picture that I’m holding is a prison that consoles, if there’s one thing that you owe me, it’s the piece of me you own.”


Louie’s musical approach on “Echo” builds upon the genre-blending success he achieved with Nile Rodgers and The Americanos on their award-winning song “Set Me Free” for Baz Luhrmann’s The Get Down with Tony Seyler. Demonstrating his versatility and ingenuity, Louie combines various genres through rhythmic changes and wise instrument choices. It comes as no surprise that “Set Me Free” won the esteemed title of “Best Song” bestowed by The Guild of Music Supervisors.

Delving deeper into his lyrical prowess, Louie describes the process behind “Echo” as an effortless outpouring of personal and universally relatable emotions. Upon reflection, the essence of tragedy found in Elvis Costello’s masterpiece “Imperial Bedroom” is beautifully merged with the yearning grief felt in a heartfelt José José ballad.


Not only an exceptional artist, Louie possesses a full-fledged studio in LA where he writes, engineers, and professionally mixes his own music. This studio has been frequented by renowned musicians like Ty Dolla $ign and Post Malone, solidifying its status as a hub for creative brilliance. Louie sheds light on his recording process for “Echo,” revealing the meticulous attention to detail that goes into his music. From the ethereal Silver Sky guitar played through a Victorilux hybrid amp, adorned with a plethora of carefully selected pedals, to the Fender VI bass enhanced by a JHS Colourbox, and the harmonious keys provided by the upright, Jupiter 6, Prophet 10, and Juno 60, all intertwined by the pristine sound of an SSL console – each element harmonizes beautifully to create a transcendent musical experience.


Louie’s talents have not gone unnoticed, as Rolling Stone Español proudly includes him in their prestigious “New Artists to Know” list and Spotify recognizes him as a “Fresh Find,” featuring him prominently in their editorial playlist. Variety and Earmilk hail Louie as a remarkably gifted instrumentalist, with an expansive skill set that rivals larger bands comprising six or more members. His ability to flawlessly merge genres spanning decades is a testament to his musical prowess – and the fact that he remains independent is truly remarkable.


Overall, Louie Rubio’s “Echo” effortlessly captivates listeners with its tropical allure, heartfelt lyrics, and masterful musicality. It is a testament to Louie’s exceptional talent, as well as his ability to create a sonic experience capable of transporting you to blissful destinations, even in the midst of heartache.


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