“Calypso” by MAVIS, a Metalcore band hailing from Germany, captures the essence of struggle and emotional turmoil. The lyrics delve into the speaker’s overwhelming feelings of being lost, akin to a shadow floating atop turbulent waters. Longing for liberation from their past and the pursuit of inner peace, they find themselves suddenly pulled into the darkness. In this state of despair, their mind trembles and their grasp on reality slips away. However, amidst the chaos, a flicker of hope emerges like a single spark, drawing them back from the depths. Despite their valiant fight, they ultimately succumb to the overwhelming circumstances and drown in the whirlpool of despair.


The latest composition, “Calypso,” serves as a striking introduction to MAVIS’ debut album, setting the stage for a mesmerizing sonic journey. The band’s exceptional talent in composing and their prowess in delivering a narrative-driven lyrical experience is on full display. The fusion of intense energy and hypnotic melodies captivates the audience, culminating in an irresistible hook. As the listener immerses themselves in this musical odyssey, the track resonates as a metaphorical reflection of the band’s own encounter with disbandment.


Reflecting upon their tumultuous journey, lead vocalist Phil shares, “MAVIS faced a seemingly insurmountable threat just as we were gaining momentum. Yet, we persevered through those challenging times, driven by an elusive glimmer of hope that pierced through the darkness. Holding onto that faint yet alluring light, we find ourselves now stronger and more resilient than ever before.”


Through its captivating narrative and profound emotional depth, “Calypso” emerges as a powerful anthem guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. As fans eagerly await the release of MAVIS’ debut album, titled “Grief Is No Ally,” they can anticipate a collection of 11 hard-hitting metalcore tracks, available in various formats including CD and limited colored vinyl.

With a video skillfully directed, edited, and filmed by Danny Jakov of @deadapefilms, along with meticulous sound design by Manuel Renner at Überlärm Studios and drum recording by Jens Seifert at Rama Studios, the track has been mixed and mastered to perfection by Manuel Renner. It is evident that the collaborative efforts of MAVIS, led by chief songwriter Phil Donay and accompanied by Tobias Edison on piano, have resulted in a profound and compelling musical experience.


Overall, “Calypso” stands as a testament to MAVIS’ growth and resilience, and showcases their mastery in creating a captivating blend of metalcore melodies and emotive storytelling. It is an undeniably poignant addition to the band’s discography, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating their forthcoming album and further solidifying their position in the metalcore scene.


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