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Tuesday June 1, 2021

maybe may puppets survive satellite

Are you one of those people that turns to music to lift your spirits when you’re having a rough time? You might want to add Survive, Satellite by Canadian rock band, Maybe May to your “Feel Good” playlist! 


When I first hit the video’s play button, I was greeted with dramatic, slow-motion footage of these Italian, hand-made puppets opening their mouths and flipping their hair in space and I automatically started laughing at how cute they are!


As the video progressed, you see the puppets singing, smiling, and dancing around in front of background imagery of pre-pandemic activities of travel, people attending packed concerts, enjoying good times with friends, etc. The nostalgia hits you right in the feels and inspires one to never take these things for granted again!  

Lyrically and melodically, Survive Satellite – produced and engineered by JUNO Award-winning Kevin Dietz (The Glorious Sons, Alexisonfire) and mastered by Noah Mintz (Billy Talent, Death From Above 1979)-  is uplifting and reminds the listener to look forward to the good times because this funk you feel at this given moment isn’t permanent.


For those of us in the world having a rough time on lockdown (or going through a rough time in general), this video is an entertaining reminder good times are still ahead! I literally watched it 10 times in a row! Needless to say, I love this video and tune! 

maybe may band michael x crusty photography
Photo: Michael X Crusty

Hailing from Mississauga, Ontario (Toronto area), the trio, which consists of Demetrius (singer/songwriter/guitarist), Rian (bass/vocals), and Vitaly (drums), have done a fantastic job entertaining viewers with their mini-me puppets! Being a homebody, watching this definitely encourages me to want to see them play live when venues open up again! 


Check out the video, and if you like what you hear, remember to subscribe to their channel, hit that ‘thumbs up’ button,  show them some love in the comments, and share with your friends who would love it!   


Happy June 1st! Stay safe and stay well!