McTaus, the talented  EDM artist, has just released his latest single titled “Book” across popular music platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music. This infectious dance track is part of his album called “Paris,” which is also available for fans to enjoy. The artist himself expresses his enthusiasm for this release, stating, “I’m really excited to release ‘Book'”.


“Paris” holds the distinction of being McTaus’s inaugural album and showcases a collection of EDM songs that draw inspiration from the vibrant city after which it is named. The artist explains his admiration for Paris, saying, “I have an immense love for this city. Paris thrives with vitality and liveliness, and it was my aim to encapsulate that very essence within my music.”


With regards to the requested review, McTaus’s latest single, “Book,” is an absolute gem that instantaneously captures the listener’s attention and keeps them thoroughly engaged throughout. The high-energy composition possesses a captivating melody that embeds itself into one’s mind, making it near impossible not to dance along. McTaus’s meticulous effort and commitment to this track shine through, as it radiates an authentic and invigorating energy that surely has the power to uplift listeners and transport them to the pulsating heart of a euphoric dancefloor.

Furthermore, McTaus showcases his versatility as an EDM artist with the release of his album “Paris.” Drawing influence from the city that never sleeps, McTaus ingeniously infuses his music with the same vivacity and constant motion that characterizes Parisian life. The album serves as a true testament to the artist’s profound connection to the enchanting city, effectively translating its electric atmosphere into an audible experience. Each track within “Paris” takes the listener on a sonic journey, providing them with a sense of being in the heart of the French capital.


McTaus has cemented his position as an exceptional EDM artist with the release of “Book” and his debut album “Paris.” His innate ability to captivate the audience through infectious melodies and vibrant beats is truly commendable. Whether you’re a fan of EDM or simply looking for music that emanates pure palpable energy, McTaus’s music is an absolute must-listen. Prepare to be transported into a world of exhilaration and rhythm with McTaus’s incomparable sound.


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