Mission To Sleep, the brainchild of Boston-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rob Wu, presents “Sine of the Times” as the opening track on their eagerly anticipated EP. This captivating song delves into the societal pressures imposed by social media in our modern era, taking a stand against the tendency to embellish our lives to the point of inauthenticity.


Rob Wu, known for his prolific collaborations within the New England music scene, resolutely embraces a unique artistic vision with Mission To Sleep. Sonically, the project captures the expansive grandeur of guitar-driven rock from the 1990s while incorporating introspective lyrics and a compelling emotional resonance reminiscent of subsequent musical movements.


Upon listening to “Sine of the Times,” listeners are immediately drawn into a turbulent sonic landscape. The song’s opening notes reverberate with a sense of urgency, serving as an aural representation of the pressures imposed by the digital age. As the track progresses, Wu’s evocative vocals effortlessly meld with the dynamic instrumentals, creating a harmonious fusion of raw intensity and contemplative introspection.

Lyrically, “Sine of the Times” emerges as an anthem of resistance against the insincerity that permeates contemporary society. Wu’s poignant words encapsulate the struggle to navigate a world rife with manufactured perfection, urging listeners to embrace authenticity and reject societal pressures. The emotional depth and vulnerability conveyed through the lyrics resonate deeply, leaving an indelible impact on the listener.


In conclusion, Mission To Sleep’s “Sine of the Times” serves as a powerful musical testament to the societal challenges posed by social media. With his talented song writing and masterful musicianship, Rob Wu guides us through a cathartic journey of introspection. This compelling track not only highlights the enthralling sonic landscapes that Mission To Sleep effortlessly creates but also invites listeners to reflect on the dichotomy of our digitally connected world.


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“Sine Of The Times” has been added to my “Heavy, and Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!