Mr. Sham G from Bangalore brings us an exceptional, gritty drum and bass/jungle track with “The Holy Grail (Massive Jungle Heist)”. The track boasts impressive production quality and will definitely make you hop out of your seat to jump around! It’s a thrilling adventure that will captivate listeners from start to finish.


Mr. Sham G has just dropped a mesmerizing new track that is sure to make a lasting impact on the music scene! Through a fresh and innovative fusion of Dark Jungle/DnB and US rap/hip hop genres, and with the assistance of the talented rapper Lucci Damus, Mr. Sham G effortlessly melds two distinct styles of music like never before. His ability to seamlessly blend his diverse background and upbringing is evident, creating something entirely new and one-of-a-kind.

The track serves as a bridge between UK drum and bass and the American sound, and as a pioneer in the music industry hailing from India, Mr. Sham G is on a mission to combine classical and modern music in his excitingly new genre, “Urban Symphony Drum and Bass.” This hypnotic and high-energy track features an enchanting melody that takes listeners on a thrilling sonic journey, intricate percussion, irresistible basslines, and expertly-crafted rap skills that effortlessly transport you into their new and captivating musical world.


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“The Holy Grail (Massive Jungle Heist)” has been added to the rotation on Hypernova Radio, as well as my “Summer Vibes“, “Wanderlust” and “Hypernova Radio – New Adds” playlists on Spotify!