Looking to delve into the depths of melodic, Hard Rock? Searching for a track that combines soaring vocals with a poignant exploration of society’s negative changes over time? Look no further than Part Paladin’s newest single “Atlantis”!


This powerful song reflects a deep sense of disillusionment and loss in a world that’s constantly changing. Drawing inspiration from the mythical city of Atlantis, Part Paladin vividly captures the feeling of being adrift and desperately searching for meaning. The repeated phrase “So we lost our way” serves as a haunting reminder of society’s collective struggle to find its path. The lyrics paint a bleak picture, suggesting that our civilization may be on the brink of destruction with no way to alter its course. The imagery of crumbling and sinking further reinforces this sense of decay and hopelessness. Ultimately, “Atlantis” conveys a message of resignation and acceptance of our inevitable fate.


As the debut single from Part Paladin’s EP, Atlantis is a triumph of modern metal rhythms, reverb-soaked leads, and powerhouse vocals. The song explores the ever-growing influence of social media and reality TV on humanity, offering a contemplative glimpse into a hypothetical apocalyptic event that would plunge our world into the annals of forgotten civilizations.

Part Paladin is the brainchild of Sydney-based instrumentalist/producer Dux Newton. Born out of the creative crucible of the 2020 lockdown, Part Paladin has since evolved into a force to be reckoned with. Their debut EP, set to release on March 1, is a melodic, moody journey that pushes the boundaries of contemporary heavy music. Blending elements of modern metal, alternative rock, atmospheric soundscapes, and captivating vocals, Part Paladin defies genre constraints with their innovative sound.


“Atlantis” is a testament to the talent and craftsmanship of Part Paladin. With Pete Drummond’s world-class drumming and Marvin’s exceptional mixing and mastering skills at Tide Studios London, the track comes to life, immersing listeners in its thematic essence. The accompanying video, created by animation artist Fried, adds an abstract and dystopian dimension to the song’s message.


Mark your calendars to dive into Part Paladin’s EP on March 1—a five-track journey that will leave you longing for more.


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