Are you searching for a profound and contemplative auditory companion as you journey through the intricate process of mourning the loss of a cherished best friend? Allow Vancouver-based metal band Pink Tummies to guide you through the tempestuous waves of grief with their latest single, “Face The End.”


Pink Tummies, a Vancouver-based Metal band, offers solace to those grappling with the loss of a close friend through their latest single, “Face The End.” This powerful and introspective Progressive Metal composition serves as a guiding light through the treacherous journey of grief. The melancholic guitar melodies that open the song resonate deeply, setting the stage for introspection and contemplation.


Lead vocalist Jordan Dorras-Donnelly’s emotive vocals capture the essence of loss, as he navigates the complexities of mourning and struggles to comprehend the finality of death. “Face The End” stands as a testament to Dorras-Donnelly’s talent, meticulously produced with a keen attention to detail. The song showcases how modern home recording technology can capture the raw emotion and power inherent in the metal genre.

Not only does Pink Tummies excel musically, but band founder Jordan Dorras-Donnelly also showcases his prowess as a visual artist, creating all of the band’s artwork. This harmonious blend of music and visual aesthetics enhances the overall experience for fans, immersing them in a cohesive world of artistry.


Pink Tummies’ unique sound combines heavy riffs, melodic hooks, and introspective lyrics, crafted by a multi-talented musician with a passion for pushing boundaries. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences, their music delves into the depths of emotion, captivating audiences with its powerful blend of aggression and introspection.


In the vast metal landscape, Pink Tummies reigns as a force to be reckoned with. Their relentless dedication to creating unforgettable music and pushing the limits solidifies their position as one of Vancouver’s most promising bands in the genre. With “Face The End,” Pink Tummies provides solace and understanding to listeners navigating the tumultuous stages of grief, offering a powerful soundtrack to their emotional journey.


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“Face The End” has been added to my “Heavy and Wanderlust”  playlists on Spotify!