Wednesday July 20, 2022

Have you ever been the “yes person” in other people’s lives, to the point where you give up your own beliefs, morals, values and self-esteem? When getting compliments on how loyal you are, it fuels your ego, yet those same people are nowhere to be found when you need someone? The resentment grows, causing a gap between you and the person you’re always trying to get validation from.


American musician/songwriter/producer, PS. Clark has unleashed the long-awaited release. “People Pleaser”, which illustrates this exact scenario from the people pleaser’s perspective! It’s catchy, emotional, relatable and a song to sing along to when you’re sick of being a people pleaser. A great reminder to honor your boundaries, beliefs and learning that saying “No” to others isn’t always a bad thing.


They say the best songs come together fast. The night the drums and bass were laid down in under two hours I felt I had something special with this one. I hope this one hits you right”, states PS. Clark on his latest single.

Album Art: PS. Clark

Patrick S. Clark aka PS. Clark was raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Patrick gained a keen interest drums, guitar, bass and piano at a young age. A self-taught musician, he took online classes from The Berklee School of Music to become proficient with Ableton Live, and also studied Music Theory online with University of Edinburgh in Scotland. 


Patrick’s music career consisted of performing with several cover bands in the Philadelphia area. Patrick was a co-founder of the pop cover band “The Zings”. “The Zings” play everywhere from bars, beaches, casinos, weddings & corporate events. 


Patrick stepped away from the cover band scene and has built a home studio know as “FROG Studio”, named after the real estate term, “Finished Room Over Garage”, where he self-produces all of his music.

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“People Pleaser” has been added to both my “Chill Tunes” and “Summer Vibes” playlists on Spotify!

ps clark
Photo: Colin Clark