Saturday August 13, 2022

“Dominos” by L.A.- based alt/pop artist, Sean Massaro is like nothing I’ve heard before. It’s part pop, alternative rock, with jazzy elements in the mix! Add the inspiring reminder to live in the moment, and you’ve got a song that is very easy to listen to on loop!

“‘Dominos’ is a song about living in the moment. Letting go of regret and keeping my head in the present. Time slips away no matter what, but living for right now is the most important thing we can do.” – Sean Massaro on the single “Dreams”


“Dreams” credits:

Written & composed by Sean Massaro

Vocals & lyrics by Sean Massaro

Music by Sean Massaro & Micah Payne

Produced/Engineered/Edited/Mixed/Mastered by Micah Payne @ Royal Sound Studios

Sean Massaro: vocals, guitars, bass

Micah Payne: drums, synth

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“Dominos” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Chill Tunes” playlists on Spotify!