“Fear”, a captivating track by the American Metalcore band, encompasses a fusion of Shoegaze, Goth, Hardcore, and Psychedelia elements. Throughout the song, one can also detect hints of Grunge influence, which adds depth to the composition. The harmonies created by the clean vocals resonate with the vibes of renowned bands like Alice In Chains and System Of A Down, evoking nostalgia for the ’90s Rock music era.


Since its inception in 2014, Seeress has been continuously evolving, channeling a profound capacity to articulate the full gamut of human emotions through their dynamic instrumentation in the realms of post rock/metal. The sonic journey initiated by their 2017 release, Great Void, was further amplified with their 2019 album, The Dream Passes. Known for their enthralling live performances, Seeress has gained a reputation for enveloping their audience in a whirlwind of sound and intensity.


However, when the world underwent a dramatic upheaval and society found itself in temporary stasis, Seeress embarked on an introspective journey, reimagining the boundaries of their music. Amidst the chaos, they discovered new avenues for personal meaning and structure. With the addition of vocals, Seeress masterfully weaves melody, harmony, and explosive dynamics to create a refined compositional approach. This fusion allows for both captivating songwriting and experimental exploration.

In their latest endeavor, Seeress has gone above and beyond, surpassing expectations. Pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible, they have forged a unique and distinct sound. With every note, they paint a vivid sonic landscape that captivates listeners, compelling them to delve deeper into the intricacies of their music. Seeress’ ability to embrace vulnerability, whilst balancing it with moments of sheer power, is a testament to their growth as artists. With their new sound and refined approach, Seeress has once again proven themselves as masters of their craft.


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