Monday July 25, 2022

andrew caryl

Sometimes you come across a song that punches you right in the feels, and reminds you of the quintessential “one that got away”, or “the one that never happened.” The unattainable one. The one that coulda/woulda/shoulda happened, but destiny had other plans for you. Though fated to not be with that person, they remain a big “what if?” many years later. The thought of them just engulfs your heart with a mixture of sadness, hopefulness {that you will find someone remotely close to who that person was}, and strength to accept the reality they weren’t meant for you at this time.


“Silent Romance” by Andrew Caryl X Steven Thompson, joined with the voice of Okafuwa is that heartfelt song that accurately illustrates this scenario.

Steven Thompson about the single: “It’s a true story for just about everyone at some point, or at many points, in their lives. It certainly has been for me. I wrote it after I saw this girl for the first time – I dreamed about her for years because I thought it wasn’t realistic that we’d ever meet again. I still dream about her.”


Ugh. Punched. In. The. Feels… but that is what makes this song so magical.


Somewhere out there, someone will randomly hear this song while going through this at that exact moment, and this song will provide clarity for why they feel what they feel, heal and {hopefully} move forward with a happy life. Artists connecting and bonding with complete strangers through their music is exactly why I love music so much! 

Andrew Caryl’s latest releases have been heard in TikTok and Instagram videos by more than 10 million
viewers. He is inspired by the sometimes bold, sometimes chill nature of the indie/trap/Pop combo.
okafuwa’s (aka Tyler Sjostrom) music has been streamed more than 60 million times on Spotify. “Silent
Romance” is one of several collaborations that fuse indie, pop and trap styles with melancholic stories of
redemption and self-reflection.

Caryl often collaborates with other artists from all over the world including American Idol finalist, Robbie Rosen, Venezuelan Future House prodigy Sam Ourt, Hungarian violinist and producer Zita, French vocalist Enlia and L.A.-based Ana Roze to name a few.


His label affiliations include High Five Records, Loudkult,
7Clouds, ATLAST/Miami Beats, Magic Records, and D.C. Vinyl.

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“Silent Romance” has been added to my “Chill Tunes” and “Wanderlust” playlists on Spotify!