Skellytn has become a household name in the world of Drum and Bass music thanks to her complex and technically tight style. She has taken the cyber-bass concept to a whole new level, leaving fans wondering if she is actually the villainous megacorporation that she supports with her brand. Skellytn was the first female to release a Drum and Bass album in North America, making history with 2022’s album “Neurocomputer” on Reid Speed’s Play Me Records.


Moreover, she was also the first female to release on neuro heavy hitters Eatbrain. But that’s not all. Skellytn’s journey began in the famous Los Angeles production school, Icon Collective, where she learnt to make music. Her music often draws inspiration from the electronica icons such as Skrillex and Noisia, whom she looks up to.



Skellytn has made her mark in the industry with her masterful production skills, which is evident in her past releases on Space Yacht, Emengy, and Drama Club. Her unique style has led her to share the decks with some of the biggest names in the Drum and Bass industry, including Alix Perez, Shades, and Ghastly, and even headlined Respect LA. Neurocomputer debuted at number five on Beatport’s D&B Top 100, prompting features in UKF, Your EDM, and Bassrush.


Skellytn’s music is a testimony to her creativity, innovation, and ingenuity- she creates a perfect blend of industrial-tinged, well-honed musical styles that have left fans mesmerized. She is set to take the UK and Europe by storm and is poised to be the first female to break neurofunk in a way that no one has done before. With her talent and distinct sound, Skellytn is both genius and AI, leaving fans wanting more. In conclusion, Skellytn’s music has a unique charm to it, and it is no wonder she has become a force to reckon with in the world of Drum and Bass music.


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