“Dream That I Die” by Soren Hansen, an American Indie Pop artist, delves into the depths of uncertainty, fear, and self-doubt. Through his poignant lyrics, Hansen encapsulates the speaker’s longing for clarity and serenity in their tumultuous life. The portrayal of feeling trapped in darkness, shrouded by an inability to truly see oneself, weaves a profound sense of existential struggle. The speaker grapples with the conundrum of moving forward or holding onto their past, questioning their purpose and grappling with the gradual erosion of their identity. Within this deeply introspective song, Hansen artfully captures the yearning for liberation, an unencumbered pursuit of joy devoid of the constant lingering fear of its inevitable loss. These lyrics serve as a profound reflection of the multifaceted emotions and challenges that the speaker confronts.


Soren Hansen sheds light on the genesis of “Dream That I Die,” a lyrical masterpiece born during a flight home from California. The striking line, “Why is it I always dream that I die,” spontaneously emerged, inspiring Hansen to pen the composition alongside Femke Weidema and Paul Devincenzo. The essence of the song transcends physical death, channeling the overwhelming weight of anxiety that steers one’s actions and inhibits their courage. Conveying his personal battle with this consuming emotion, Hansen harnessed its raw power to create a piece that resonates deeply with listeners. “Dream That I Die” serves as a poignant reminder that amidst life’s challenges, it is essential to forge ahead, acknowledging that adversity is an integral part of the human experience.

The music video for “Dream That I Die,” directed by David Patiño, expertly complements the song’s eminence. Through captivating visuals, Patiño provides a visual tapestry that echoes the tumultuous emotions embedded within Hansen’s lyrics. The seamless blend of sight and sound elevates the collective impact of the song, encouraging viewers to embark on a profound artistic journey.


Overall, “Dream That I Die” exudes an irresistible allure that permeates both the song itself and its accompanying visual masterpiece. Soren Hansen’s lyrical prowess grants listeners a rare glimpse into the multifarious spectrum of human emotions, while the music video amplifies the impact and immersive experience of the composition. This remarkable offering epitomizes the struggles and triumphs of the human condition, leaving an indelible impression on all who engage with its artistry.


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