Saturday October 1, 2022

“Am I Broken” – meadowhip



Have you ever done some self-reflection after a breakup to realise you have the tendency to carry your own baggage from relationship to relationship? Australian R&B/pop songstress, Cara Walkam, aka meadowhip presents a sultry take on the topic in her single “Am I Broken”!


“This song is about owning your mess and your part in the breakdown of your relationships, and finding a bit of comedy in it all. Am I broken? Indeed I am, a lot of the time, and I mean, who isn’t? But surely admitting to your flaws is almost as good as not having any, right?” – meadowhip


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“It’s Not Too Late” – Ray Curenton ft. LC

Nashville, TN


Sonically a combination of ’90s R&B and a massive chorus with a modern Motown feel, Nashville-based R&B singer/songwriter, Ray Curenton emerged from his seven-year hiatus from music to bless our ears with his single “It’s Not Too Late” featuring LC! 


Ray Curenton is an artist with preferential concern for the physical and spiritual welfare of the most marginalized in our society. Ray’s mission is to position himself within the traditions of The Weavers, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, and Arlo Guthrie as a modern cultural worker and storyteller of the struggle of this generation, weaving spirituality and art into political consciousness.


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“The Feeling’s Mutual” – Emmrose

United States


You know those toxic friendships you know you have to get away from, no matter how much it hurts? Those two-faced friends that criticise everything you do and back stab you every chance they get? American songstress, Emmrose has unveiled her highly-relatable, melodic and powerful single, “The Feeling’s Mutual” based on these experiences.


I wrote the “The Feelings Mutual” shortly after the friendship had ended. I was at the recording studio building rooftop, and my friend just started sending me rude messages about my music. At that point, I had enough. She wasn’t a true friend. It was a toxic friendship in so many ways, and it feels really good to have written a song about it and to finally let go. I was done feeling insecure about my music, and I wanted all my friends to be supportive of what I was passionate about. – Emmrose 




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“Groovy Little Babe” – Elevation Memphis

Memphis, TN


With smooth vocals, soaring harmonies, and all-around musicianship executed with razor-sharp precision, Memphis-based jazz fusion ensemble, Elevation Memphis truly lives by their namesake- their single and accompanying music video for “Groovy Little Babe” just elevates one’s mood, all around!


If you’re a fan of artists such as Sade, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, and the like, you will be enamoured with this multi-talented group!


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“Turn It Up” – MACH2



Talk about a feel-good song! Austrian disco-pop duo, MACH2 brings the party with their colorful music video and single for “Turn It Up”! These two multi-talented artists combining their artistic skills to make a full, lush sound that sounds like they have 5 members!


Definitely a song to turn up at any and all seasonal gatherings!


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“In The City” – 7namez

United States


Short and sweet, but a whole futuristic, chill vibe, “In The City” by 7namez is an atmospheric genre fuze of R&B, hip-hop, electronic, lofi!


This is for fans of Kanye West and The Weeknd!


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Looking to start fresh, and need music to your soundtrack of this chapter of life? “NoWhere” by Canadian artist, THEBEATMONKEY is a fresh, catchy, uplifting tune to help you hit that “reset” button!


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“I’ll Be Okay” JMSEY ft. Beck Pete

United States


It’s interesting how modern dating often feels like we’re constantly feeling the highs of dating someone new, and the lows of breaking up. Insatiably chasing “greener pastures”, in the hopes of landing “the one”… whatever that means these days.


Alt-pop artist JMSEY has joined forces with popular indie pop darling Beck Pete in their hard-hitting single “I’ll Be Okay”.  “I’ll Be Okay” cleverly taps into the complexities of the modern dating world driven by new relationship dynamics. Often fueled by dating apps, the ‘grass is always greener’ mentality tends to drive decisions about who to date, how to date and how long to stay with your current partner.


JMSEY is an L.A.-based, Asian-American multi-instrumentalist by way of London. He owes his gritty pop sound to his bi-contnental upbringing. The tone of British pop blaring in his ears while growing up, blended with his love of American alternative bands played a heavy hand in shaping his current energy and soundscape.


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“Serotonin”- FIOR

United States


Named one of People Magazine‘s ‘Emerging Artists to Watch’ this Spring, Fior is starting to turn heads with her soulful voice, deep lyrics, and provocative videos. Her previous three singles, all released in 2022, have amassed over 1.5 million streams and show no signs of slowing down.


“There’s been a theme in the four singles I’ve released this year about breaking free from the cycle of a toxic relationship,” Fior reveals. “Young love is confusing and challenging. “Serotonin” is the final nail in the coffin of that relationship. I’m alright and don’t want to try again, which was my feeling that I was finally over it.“ –FIOR on “Serotonin”


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“Moonwalking” – Renao

London, UK


An infectious synth- driven alt cut showcasing Renao’s dreamy vocals over glistening production, the track is a welcome return from an artist who established himself as one to watch on his debut EP, From The South.  A wonderful showcase of Renao’s stunning vocals and deeply personal writing, the EP features his viral debut track, Nobody, a track which went viral on Tiktok and picked up over 20,000 pre-saves before release. Since then, the track has picked up over 8 millions streams on Spotify alone and he is approaching 200,000 Spotify followers. ‘Moonwalking’ is his next step- take an early listen below.


“Moonwalking” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Wanderlust” playlists on Spotify!