Have you ever experienced the profound impact of someone entering or leaving your life, where it feels like there are clear demarcations between life before and after? It is truly awe-inspiring how an individual can etch an indelible mark upon your heart and existence. With her upbeat track “Gradient,” American Deep House DJ Starya draws a captivating parallel between this life-altering experience and the radiant power of the Sun. This song, infused with a mid-’90s Dance/Dop flair, encapsulates the transformative effect of significant individuals in our lives.


In Starya’s own words, “The most powerful thing in our galaxy – the sun – can change everything about how the world looks to us, so how awesome is it that the same thing can happen when someone special enters or leaves your life? I wanted to write a song about that parallel, and of course need it to be accompanied by the third most powerful thing – BASS!”


Starya understands that she is merely a thread in the grand tapestry of creators bridging the realm of form and interstellar existence through music. With a plethora of talents as a singer-songwriter-producer-DJ-multi-instrumentalist, she spends most of her time in the Cloud, removed from the chaos of human drama. Streaming on Twitch from her extraterrestrial studio, she occasionally graces us with real-life festival or club performances, harmonizing the species and ensuring our joy remains in equilibrium.

Embarking on a profound mission that has persisted throughout time, Starya’s music resonates with universal themes and emotions, allowing listeners to transcend earthly boundaries. Through “Gradient,” she invites us to immerse ourselves in the captivating energies sparked by significant personal connections, mirroring the radiant power of the Sun that illuminates our lives.


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