Are you currently yearning for an escape from the monotonous routines of your everyday life? Are you in search of something more fulfilling that challenges your boundaries and instills a sense of self-assurance? Look no further, for American Progressive House producer, Suazo, has gracefully answered your call with his captivating and ethereal single, “New Religion”!


In this mesmerizing track, Suazo skillfully delves into the universal longing for change and liberation from the constraints of reality. The lyrics eloquently express the desire to be transported to a paradise that liberates one’s mind from the shackles of mundane existence. Furthermore, they intricately explore the delicate balance between fact and fiction, encapsulating the natural human inclination towards uncertainty and inner conflict.


Through “New Religion,” Suazo masterfully curates an auditory masterpiece that seamlessly blends ambient melodies with infectious beats. Building upon the success of his earlier work, such as the renowned “Sleepless,” Suazo’s latest creation exudes an energy that is both invigorating and captivating. The addition of compelling vocals in the final stages of production serves as the perfect finishing touch, heightening the track’s emotional depth and transforming it into a dancefloor anthem.

It is noteworthy to mention that “New Religion” was born from the resurrection of a previously abandoned project, underscoring the notion that sometimes it is essential to take a step back and reevaluate in order to discover hidden potential. Suazo’s commitment to creating a sonic experience that unites people on the dancefloor is clearly evident in every aspect of the track’s composition. By seamlessly merging software and hardware synths, the artist fearlessly explores new sonic territories while staying true to his artistic essence.


Overall, “New Religion” is a simple yet profoundly impactful invitation to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of electronic music. Suazo’s ability to inspire movement and infuse joy into the souls of his listeners is nothing short of remarkable. Lose yourself in the sublime melodies of “New Religion” and allow yourself to savor those fleeting moments of pure bliss.


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“New Religionhas been added to my “Summer Vibes“, and Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!