“Stardust” is a Hardstyle Rawphoric track that embodies Sylenth’s signature sound, blending emotional melodies with strong hard kicks. The idea for the song was sparked long ago after Sylenth lost his little dog to cancer. Despite its melancholy sound, “Stardust” also carries an energetic tone that reflects the Hardstyle genre. The single has already gained recognition and support from fellow artists in the industry.


Sylenth is an experienced Hardstyle musician that has captivated fans from around the world with his unique “soft aggressive” sound. “Stardust” is a prime example of Sylenth’s ability to craft powerful, yet emotional anthems that resonate with listeners. The song is guaranteed to get fans dancing and singing along for days.

In summary, “Stardust” showcases Sylenth’s signature sound – an amalgamation of emotional melodies and strong hard kicks. The single has already gained praise from industry professionals and cemented Sylenth’s role as a leading figure within the Hardstyle genre. Fans of Hard Dance Music should be sure to add “Stardust” to their playlists and follow Sylenth on all social media platforms for more music updates.


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“Stardust” has been added to the EDM rotation on Hypernova Radio, as well as my “Summer Vibes“, “Hypernova Radio – New Adds” and “Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!