Stockholm's The Parade Unleash Their Debut Single, "I'm A Dreamer"

Stockholm-based Indie Pop band The Parade has just released their debut single “I’m a Dreamer”. Taking a mid-’90s Alt-pop vibe and mixing it with nostalgic notes, the song perfectly encapsulates the spirit of a bygone era when music magazines and record stores were special places that resonated with young dreamers. The Parade captures the essence of what it meant to be a listener during that time.


Listeners are taken on a journey to a place where anything is possible. The Parade hopes that the opening single will connect listeners with the pure joy of music discovery that they felt themselves, growing up with this style of music.

The song “I’m a Dreamer” instantly impresses with its heartfelt lyrics, catchy hooks, and imaginative soundscapes. As the track unfolds, the listener reveals a lush arrangement that brings out all the emotions the band intended to convey. The attention to small details showcases the care and commitment that went into producing it.


This track is perfect for those who seek the pure joy of music discovery and who appreciate a well-rounded performance with an amazing composition. It’s expected to resonate with those seeking themes of youthful optimism and boundless dreams. The Parade’s “I’m a Dreamer” is certainly something that should be at the top of your playlist.


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“I’m A Dreamer” has been added to my “Summer Vibes“, and “Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!

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