Have you ever encountered the vexation of speaking and feeling as if your words fall on deaf ears? It’s an exasperating sense that lingers within, nearly pushing you to the brink of despair. Nonetheless, amidst this frustration, you hold onto a glimmer of hope, believing that one day the people who hold your heart will truly comprehend your deepest emotions. And while you may choose to keep your thoughts to yourself, under the assumption that nobody will pay heed to them, deep down, you yearn to break free from the shackles of silence. If this resonates with you, then “Dying to Exist” is the resounding hard rock anthem your soul craves.


Within this profound ballad, “Dying to Exist” addresses the desperate yearning for our voices to be heard. With heavy hearts and the passage of time slipping through our fingers, we come face to face with an undeniable truth: this desire consumes us from within. The fading light serves as a haunting reminder of the inner turmoil we face, yet paradoxically fuels our unwavering determination to persevere.


As we teeter on the precipice of collapse, our pleas for recognition reverberate in the darkest recesses of our existence. Emotions surge through us like an unyielding riptide, pulling us closer to an abyss where we seek refuge in the all-encompassing darkness. Our very presence becomes an impassioned plea for acknowledgement, an insatiable longing to cast off the suffocating bonds of silence.


In the crucible of shared agony, we desperately hold onto the hope that our voices will finally pierce the veil of darkness, allowing us to truly exist and have our message resound loud and clear.

“Dying to Exist” is an enthralling hard rock masterpiece by The Failsafe. The song’s production, expertly executed by Andrew Baylis, and the meticulous engineering by Cameron Mizell meld together to create a perfect blend of melodic intensity. The additional vocals and engineering prowess of Casey Sabol add depth to the profound message embedded within the song. Moreover, the accompanying music video, under the direction of Eddie Curran, flawlessly enhances the emotive journey that “Dying to Exist” takes us on.


With its compelling lyrics and powerful musical composition, “Dying to Exist” is an anthem that will deeply resonate with anyone yearning to have their voice heard and understood.


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“Dying To Exist” has been added to my “Heavy and Wanderlust”  playlists on Spotify!