Theraphosa: The Parisian Trio's New Single "Greed" Delves into the Dangers of Material Obsession

French progressive metal trio, Theraphosa, are on a mission to transcend the musical boundaries with their eclectic and sophisticated sound. Vincent, Matthieu, and Martin, the brothers who make up the band, have been playing music together since their early youth. Their mutual passion for music culminated in the formation of the band, which has since infused the religious aura of the Parisian triumvirate with the Haute-Couture-inspired image of the group.


Their spider crest brotherhood, aptly named “Theraphosa,” after the largest spider on earth, continues their quest for excellence with their latest single, “Greed.” The haunting melodies and catchy choruses, woven into a real cinematographic atmosphere, keep the listeners hooked all the way to the end. This new single also marks the beginning of a collaboration with their new label partner, the German-based Rock/Alt/Metal label Circular Wave.


Theraphosa’s music is an amalgamation of diverse influences, expertly and brilliantly blended into a seamless soundscape. The band’s eponymous debut album, critically acclaimed, was proof of their creative prowess and made us curious about what was to come. Their latest release, “Greed,” does not disappoint; the band’s ambition is apparent as they take their music to the next level. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, exploring the human obsession with material wealth and the ills of insatiable desire, making the music resonate on a more profound level.


There is an enigmatic and mysterious aura surrounding the band, magnified by their eccentric image and captivating sound. It is fascinating to watch them grow and evolve, pushing the limits of their creativity with each new release. “Greed” is a testament to their commitment to reach the state of transcendence through their music. Their partnership with Circular Wave is an exciting prospect, and we can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.


In conclusion, if you’re a fan of progressive metal, you need to check out Theraphosa. With their sophisticated sound, thought-provoking lyrics, and enigmatic aura, the French trio is steadily carving out its niche in the metal world. “Greed” is a great addition to their already impressive repertoire and gives us a glimpse of the band’s artistic direction. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with Theraphosa.


Director : Jean-Baptiste Brégon

Video Editor : Jean-Baptiste Brégon

Director of Photography : Jordi Lagoutte

Video Colorist : Jean-Marie Fourage

Music by Vincent Dubout

Lyrics by Matthieu Dubout

Produced and recorded by Theraphosa

Mixed and Mastered by Rémy “R3myboy” Deliers


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Photo: Denis Goria