Sunday August 7, 2022

this island earth stills
Video stills. Directed by Destyn Humann

You know that feeling when someone you’ve been loyal to totally, utterly betrays you and can’t resist lying? Their false character, their sneaky acts and broken trust in them just sends you close to the edge, developing resentment, pain, internal rage, ultimately leading you to dissociate and cut them out of your life?


The rage and emotion behind this scenario is perfectly expressed in South Dakota-based metalcore band, This Island Earth’s latest single, “No Loyalty”! When I first heard this song and watched the performance music video, my first thought was ‘How have I not heard of this band before? They would totally fit into the major metal festival lineups!’ “No Loyalty” is their debut single. Ever. What a powerful introduction to this promising band!


Singing with intense emotion, the piercing, gutteral vocals paired  with massive open notes on the guitars make any listener want to rock out. I can picture this band playing at a major festival, in front of multiple circle pits of people letting their angst out crashing into each other in the crowd as they sing along!

Formed in 2022, the ensemble draws influence from acts like Architects, Bad Omens, Bring Me the Horizon, and many more. Dayum. Formed this year and already storming the scene with quality content?!? Each band member displays their own powerful stage presence in the visualizer- I cannot imagine what else they have planned for future releases as they progress if THIS is their debut! 


Video directed by Destyn Humann

Written by Milton Torres, Matthew Joyce, Alex Moen, TJ Snow, and Jerry Sutton

Edited by Daniel Pausa

Engineered, Produced. Mixed, and mastered by Jerry Sutton

this island earth

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“No Loyalty” has been added to my “Heavy” playlist on Spotify!