Have you ever experienced the captivating allure of a relationship where you find yourself becoming wholly addicted to your partner’s presence? Each moment spent together feels like an exhilarating high, leaving you longing for more and experiencing a sense of separation anxiety akin to a withdrawal syndrome when apart. TR0N, an exceptionally talented Future Bass/Melodic Dubstep producer hailing from Ohio, has skillfully captured the essence of these addictive connections in his latest release, the vibrant and thrilling single “My Drug”.


Transporting listeners to an unparalleled sonic landscape where the ethereal beauty of a beach merges with the vastness of outer space, TR0N’s musical creation is a truly mesmerizing experience. The track begins with serene and grounding verses, conjuring images of a tranquil Caribbean beach, gradually building up to the climactic beat drop that propels you to the moon at precisely 1:02.


In “My Drug”, TR0N effortlessly combines elements of tropical rhythms with pulsating basslines, resulting in a composition that possesses an infectious and irresistible energy. The intricate layering of enchanting melodies and pulsating beats creates a dynamic and immersive soundscape that envelops the listener, encouraging them to surrender to the song’s irresistible allure.

The production quality of “My Drug” is exceptional, with TR0N showcasing his impeccable skill in crafting a seamless and captivating sonic experience. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the track, from the well-executed transitions to the precisely timed drops, culminating in an exhilarating and euphoric auditory journey.


Overall, TR0N’s “My Drug” is a remarkable piece of musical artistry that captures the intensity and addictive nature of relationships with a finesse rarely seen. With its captivating blend of tropical influences and futuristic vibes, this single is a must-listen for any lover of electronic music. Brace yourself to be swept away on a sonic adventure unlike any other, as TR0N’s “My Drug” takes you on a euphoric journey through time and space.


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“My Drug” has been added to my “Summer Vibes“, and Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!