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Sunday Fbruary 27, 2022

Have you ever by chance hit “play” on a brand new song, just for it to take you back to a time and place when you had the most fun? Back when I was a blogger for a local online radio station, I used to be heavy into scouring the open mic nights for new talent. I can’t recall which band it was, but they had the gang vocals, this upbeat, energetic vibe that got the whole dance floor going, as well as this interaction with the crowd that left you hoping that the band just set the mood for the rest of your night out. 


“Tsunami” by Klamath Falls, Oregon-based rock band, Owls & Aliens took me right back to those days! The vocals consist of one of my favorite combinations of strong, yet scratchy; chaotic, yet controlled! The song’s message is just as upbeat as the melody: about choosing to pick yourself up when life kicks you down.


This 5-piece ensemble is: Dustin Carter (clean/unclean vocals), Travis Siebecke (rhythm guitar/clean vocals), Jeff Martinez (lead guitar), Nicholi Ohbronovich (bass), and Dakotah Webb (drums/backup vocals). “Tsunami” was recorded by Sean Stack of Fat Cat Recording Studios in Austin, TX. The scenic, coastal music video was filmed in Florence, OR, and was filmed/edited by Scotty Fischer of Sleeper Studios.

An excerpt from the press release:  ‘”Tsunami” has an optimistic and uplifting feel as it’s about making the conscious choice to get back up when life kicks you down. It’s about perseverance and hope. We believe in each other and we are incredibly proud of this song, as it reflects the friendship and the loyalty that has developed through Owls & Aliens. The only time you should look down on someone is to help them up.” – OWLS & ALIENS


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