From Beats to Controversy: How Two Tails' Latest Track "Jupiter" Sparks Reflective Conversations on Roe Vs. Wade

I love when artists find creative ways to get their message out to the world in a fun, artistic way, without it being aggressively pushed in your face and blatantly obvious. In this day in age, everything becomes a debate or a fight, whether online or in person. One of the many things people these days debate about is how just last year, Roe vs Wade was overturned in the United States, meaning CIS females won’t have access to safe abortions.
Two Tails has unleashed “Jupiter”, which is inspired by the topic, but presented in an upbeat Melodic House song with Pop vocals. If I heard it for the first time without knowing what it was about, it would inspire me to Google the meaning, just to discover the important message behind he lyrics. 
‘Addressing all of the abortion laws being passed currently, people assigned female at birth are fearing for their health and lives. There are many reasons to not want to have a child, some health, some financial and one simply being ‘I don’t want to’, and that is perfectly valid and okay. The song talks about all the reasons to not want to have a kid in a world that just can’t take care of them. Written from the perspective of ‘If Jupiter was a real person’, these are the things I would fear for her life.’ ~Anna (Two Tails)

Two Tails is a musical project that has gone through various transformations over time. It initially began as a duo, then became a solo act in 2020, and eventually returned to being a duo in early 2021.


The project was founded by James Vadner, a Minnesota native with a history of producing music under different names. James started off producing dubstep in his own bedroom and later transitioned to producing tech house for well-known labels such as Box Of Cats, Dirtybird, and House Of Hustle. His creativity is influenced by his background in the bass music scene, where he organized dubstep shows and explored various genres of production.


Anna Brinckmann joined Two Tails as the second member after James had been performing solo for about a year. Anna brings her experience in writing and producing rock music, as well as her skill in playing live instruments and jamming with her parents. She has been writing and releasing music since the age of 12 and currently produces from her living room, with a particular focus on recording live instruments.


James and Anna collaborate to create tech house music with a pop vocal twist, aiming to push the boundaries of multi-genre house music. Additionally, they established their own record label called Artichokes Are Yellow, which has been steadily gaining recognition since October of 2021.


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