“Stuck Against the Wall” by Velvet Chains delivers an authentic and relatable experience for those who have faced the pressures of living up to someone else’s expectations. With its captivating blend of melodic Hard Rock, reminiscent of the early 2000s rock sound, this track takes listeners on a journey through emotional turmoil and the consequences that follow.


The lyrics of “Stuck Against the Wall” beautifully depict the feeling of being trapped and unable to meet the high standards set by others. The speaker acknowledges their mistakes and the extent of their actions, now grappling with the emotional pain that accompanies it. With a desire to hold on to someone even in their own downfall, the lyrics convey vulnerability, regret, and a determination to persevere despite the challenges.


Velvet Chains’ music effortlessly combines modernity with influences from the rock eras of the ’90s and ’00s. Their relentless sound captivates with heavy riffs, driving beats, and melodic guitars, all accompanied by soaring vocals that evoke a sense of power and emotion. The band’s dedication to keeping rock n’ roll alive and relevant is evident in their powerful live performances and the global recognition they have garnered.

Formed in 2018 in Las Vegas, Velvet Chains showcases a stellar lineup of musicians hailing from the USA, Brazil, and Chile. Bassist Nils Goldschmidt spearheads the band, complemented by lead guitarist Laurent Cassiano, drummer Jason Hope, rhythm guitarist Larry Cassiano, and the soulful lead singer Ro Viper. With a solid discography including a studio album, an EP, and captivating music videos, Velvet Chains has also collaborated with members of other prominent rock bands.


Directed by Leo Liberti and produced by Erik Ron, “Stuck Against the Wall” showcases the talent and creativity of songwriters Noelle Schertzer, Drew Lawrence, and Nils Goldschmidt. Their collective vision shines through, creating an engaging and thought-provoking musical experience that keeps listeners hooked from start to finish.


Overall, “Stuck Against the Wall” by Velvet Chains is a must-listen for fans of catchy, melodic Hard Rock. With its honest and relatable lyrics, powerful instrumentals, and an unwavering dedication to the genre, this song showcases Velvet Chains as an emerging force in the rock music scene.


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