WAYS. has released “Erase”, which recounts the poignant tale of lamenting the missed opportunity to perceive the inner turmoil that a loved one experienced during a transformative phase of self-discovery. It delves into the emotional struggles that hindered empathy, even when the signs of distress were manifestly evident.


As the second track on their highly anticipated EP, WAYS.’s “Erase” holds immense promise. The impeccable mixing and mastering, expertly executed by Nicolas Exposito from Landmvrks, heightens the sonic allure of this composition.


Hailing from the vibrant city of Paris, France, Ways. stands as a formidable force within the realms of Metal Alternatif and Post Hardcore. Their music exudes a potent blend of raw power, dynamic intensity, and captivating melody, seamlessly merging influences from alternative metal and post-hardcore genres. Drawing inspiration from acclaimed acts like Architects, Alexisonfire, The Ghost Inside, Thrice, Underoath, and more, WAYS. crafts a sound that resonates deeply with the discerning listener.

Having shared stages with esteemed bands such as Sidilarsen (FR), Full Throttle Baby (FR), Napoleon (UK), Svalbard (UK), The Prestige (FR), Bukowski (FR), Resolve (FR), and embarked on exhilarating tours across Spain and Cuba, WAYS. continues to forge ahead. Notably, their electrifying performance at “The Vagos Metal Fest,” Portugal’s revered metal festival, alongside Dagoba (FR) and Jinger (Ukraine), showcased their unwavering dedication to their craft.


Moreover, WAYS. recently unveiled an exciting new lineup, enlisting the rhythmic prowess of Etienne (Colossus of Destiny) on drums and the pulsating basslines of Anthony (Lies We Sold). This rejuvenated formation adds further impetus to the band’s creative momentum as they work tirelessly on their forthcoming album, poised for release in 2023.


“Erase” serves as a poignant testament to the dark lamentations and introspective revelations that accompany personal growth. With their infectious fusion of metal and hardcore elements, WAYS. forges a compelling musical tapestry that demands the attention of listeners seeking emotion, intensity, and sheer sonic prowess.


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