“Let Go” by Zulhou captures the essence of a heart-wrenching breakup that lingers on, defying the passage of time. This German musical duo, comprising Oliver and Michael, skillfully harmonizes haunting melodies with a diabolic sound and a captivating driving bassline. With his signature style, Oli delivers vocals that brim with emotion and authenticity.


Zulhou’s ability to write, sing, and produce their music entirely by themselves is a testament to their artistic independence and creative prowess. The result is a melodic, tech-infused sound that intertwines dark and indie elements harmoniously.


In this melancholic masterpiece, Zulhou transcends generic musical boundaries, immersing listeners in a captivating world of raw emotions. The evocative lyrics and powerful instrumental arrangements resonate deeply, striking a chord with anyone who has experienced the complex aftermath of lost love.

“Let Go” is a poignant reminder that moving on from a cherished relationship is often easier said than done. It delicately explores the struggles of holding onto memories and grappling with the overwhelming desire to let go. With its intricate composition and heartfelt delivery, this track is sure to strike a chord with audiences, making it an essential addition to any playlist..


Zulhou’s ability to evoke profound emotions and their unwavering commitment to crafting authentic music make “Let Go” a standout release. German musical talent shines through in this emotionally-charged track, accentuating the raw vulnerability and pain of a breakup that refuses to fade away


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